9-Year-Old's Cardboard Arcade Gets Due Attention

Caine Monroy, at only nine years old, is already a budding folk artist and entrepreneur. With his own hands, he's constructed an entire interactive arcade in the front office of his dad's East Los Angeles auto-parts store, made almost entirely of cardboard boxes and packing tape.

Caine's created a basketball-hoop game, a miniature soccer game with green army men as goalies, his own version of a claw machine, as well as others, all made by hand. He's even worked up business cards, multi-play "fun passes," ticket dispensers (which he operates manually by crawling inside the games) and prizes that can be redeemed with said tickets.

Unfortunately, since his father's shop does most of its business online these days, Caine doesn't get a lot of foot traffic to his arcade. So, when filmmaker Nirvan Mullick discovered Caine's amazing creation, he not only decided to make a short film about the boy and his passion, but also organized a flash mob to spring a surprise grand opening. It's a heart-warming story you've got to see.

And if you're in the area, stop by and play! Hours and location are on Caine's website.

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