Disappointments Now Not My Only Appointments

If you note the date on this entry, you'll see I haven't written anything since I returned from my Arizona trip. I wish I could say I've been sleeping this whole time, but that's a task I have yet to complete.

Promotion for Weird Texas has been nonstop. For the first time in my life, the desk planner I buy every year actually has something written on it other than "Haircut 2:30."

The Friday after I returned home, I dropped by Fox's morning show to talk about the book. Of course, I say "dropped by" like I made a surprise guest appearance. "Hey, guys! I hope I'm not interrupting any late-breaking cooking segments. Ha-ha. Oh, my book? Well, I wasn't going to bring that up, but since you asked ..."

I'd post a copy of the video, but my VCR decided to short-circuit that morning. It couldn't have crapped out on a Frasier rerun. Nope, it chose my first TV interview. But it's just as well. I think I screwed up the story on Ozymandias, anyway.

The next day was my first book signing. I had doubts about doing signings — I mean, who am I? — but the Marks assured me, "Signings are great. You get to sit and talk to the locals for a couple hours while the employees bring you free muffins." And I could be tempted into slave prostitution with free muffins.

I'm glad I went. The line didn't wrap around the corner or anything, but a lot of people came out. I want to thank everyone who stopped by, too. It was fun!

Unfortunately, a hurricane that's heading for the gulf meant Rob and I had to reschedule our Houston and Corpus Christi signings, but if that’s the worst that comes out of it, I think I can live with that. As for all the radio segments and the newspaper interviews, which were almost daily before I left for Arizona, I believe they're starting to slow down a bit. Which is good because I've got another book to write.

In the meantime, I think I'm going to get to bed. Maybe I can get up early and take a nap.

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