Jetpack Pilot Sets World's First Speed Record

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To me, nothing conveys an idyllic vision of the future like the jetpack. That's why I love that this midcentury dream device continues to make headlines even in the 21st century.

Last year, stuntman and professional jetpack pilot Eric Scott set a world record by flying over Colorado's Royal Gorge, and last weekend, he did it yet again by claiming the first jetpack speed record.

Soaring several feet above Scotland's Knockhill Racing Circuit, Scott achieved an official speed of 68 miles per hour. Scott claims to have reached speeds higher than that, but strong winds at the track hindered his performance.

Current jetpack technology still limits flight time to about 30-40 seconds, which is not much more than what was achieved back in the 1960s, but rumor has it that Scott is working on a new unit that can sustain flight for up to 30 minutes.

If he succeeds, then we all might finally be able to fly to work like we were promised 60 years ago.

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