Redneck Stonehenge

Reports coming in from Utah are hinting at the possible birth of a new roadside attraction.

Rhett Davis of Hooper, a growing rural area just east of the Great Salt Lake, has built himself a fence constructed from, of all things, demolition-derby cars. He's buried them nose-first in the style of Texas's Cadillac Ranch and Nebraska's Carhenge. Davis himself calls it his Redneck Stonehenge.

A farmer, Davis also included a tractor to the line-up to add a message for the encroaching residential communities that he's still in the agriculture business. "The unique community coming in, I don't think they're used to the farm life," Davis told reporters.

Apparently, an increasing number of people have been moving to Hooper because they want a taste of the country, but then get upset about the dust and the smells coming from the working farms they've moved next to.

"A lot of people moving from areas like Taylor into Hooper have been complaining about the farms," Davis said. "(But) you don't want to tick off a redneck with a backhoe. That's just not a good idea."

Davis offered to share half the cost of a partition dividing his property from the adjacent homes, but the residents reportedly didn't want a fence blocking their view. So, Davis used what he had.

He admits his response was kind of "in-your-face" and attempts to make a point about the fence issue, as well as to "represent the farmer," but he says it's all in good humor. Nevertheless, since his story hit the news, Davis has had support come in from all over the country from people encouraging him to take things even further. One supporter offered to donate 40 more vehicles.

Unfortunately, it's doubtful the Redneck Stonehenge will grow to such proportions, as Davis doesn't appear very committed to keeping it up.

"I think I'll put two or three more up ... just to finish off the fence," Davis said, but he's made it clear he'll take them down if anyone makes a big deal about it.

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