Road Tackle: Razors And Toothbrushes, Both With Creamy Centers

A razor that dispenses its own shaving cream and a toothbrush that applies its own toothpaste? I love technology.

With as much stuff as I have to lug with me on the road, I'm always looking for ways to lighten the load, or at least make things more compact. Enter ShaveMate's Titan 6 razor and the OHSO compact toothbrush.

The Titan, along with its stereotypically pink lady version, the Diva, eliminates the need to pack a bulky can of shaving cream by storing the foamy lubricant in its own handle. ShaveMate says the Titan holds enough cream for up to a week's worth of shaves. Plus, it's cheap: you can find a three-pack of the disposable razors for around $9.99.

Even niftier is the OHSO Travel Toothbrush. Available in a variety of colors, the OHSO is about the size of a Marks-A-Lot marker. Turn the knob on the end and it dispenses toothpaste directly into the bristles of the brush head, which is itself replaceable.

The best part, though, is that you can refill The OHSO with you favorite brand of toothpaste. Remove the brush head, screw a standard tube of paste onto the lower half and turn the aforementioned knob the other direction. The paste is automatically sucked up into the storage chamber.

The OHSO comes in two styles: the Presto, for $9.95, and the fancier Marko, for $19.95.

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