Save The Arrows!

I've been researching the old Twin Arrows Trading Post today for Weird Arizona.

Even though it's been closed for several years now, it seems it's still a favorite stop for road trippers. As evident from the snapshots I've come across, people continue to pull off and take pictures of the big arrows. Being one of my favorite roadside icons (or is that two of my favorite?), I'm not surprised they're so popular.

The sad part is, as it now belongs to the State Land Trust, I doubt the site will ever be restored. But that's not the part that bothers me. Modern ruins are terrific; I just hate to see the arrows go. I seriously doubt they'll survive much longer. They've already begun to yield to the elements. Both arrowheads lie in pieces, most of which appear to be missing, and one arrow's feathers is only a partial frame.

I'm seriously considering some sort of grass-roots restoration effort. I think I'll call around and see if there's a Route 66 museum or historical society in Arizona that would be interested in helping me rescue them. It's probably just a pipe dream, but I may as well give it a shot. I just hope all the pieces don't vanish as a result of wind or theft before I get a chance to do something.

Think I'll go register before I post this.

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