Sigel's Awesome Googie Sign Finds New Home

One of my favorite examples of Googie signage has always been the Sigel's Liquor sign that stood in front of store No. 7 here in Dallas. With its bubbly neon circles, jaunty font and shiny sputnik, it always gave me a smile when I'd pass by.

It had been on my to-photograph list for far too long when I got the word that store No. 7 was being razed, and the sign, which had stood at the corner of Inwood and Lemmon since 1953, was being removed. Of course, I raced right out to get some shots, but I was already too late. The liquor was gone, the store was a pile of rubble and the sign was nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully, Sigel's recognized the sign's importance and preserved it, hoping to move it to another of their stores in Addison. And the Addison City Council, thankfully, has voted to make a "meritorious exception" to their rule against neon signs, so the old orange-and-aqua beauty should be making smiles again soon.

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