Urbex: Abandoned Asian Amusement Parks

Apparently, the Far East is absolutely littered with amusement parks that just didn't fare so well. Left to the elements, their Ferris wheels, coasters and midways have quickly succumbed to the elements, creating magnificently surreal worlds of their own. Dark Roasted Blend, in a third installment to their series on abandoned amusement parks, takes a look at abandoned parks in South Korea, China, Laos and Japan through the photography of the urban explorers lucky enough to visit them. Be sure not to miss the first two parts, as well, linked below.

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Jan. 29, 2009 | 9:27 am
autumnforest wrote:

Wow! I want one of those rusted ride carts for the garden for seating with vines growing up it. They could recoup a lot of that $ by selling those ride parts to folks who collect.

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