It's hardly 30 years old, but already it's gotten a face-lift.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo's world-famous lineup of half-buried Caddies, was treated yesterday to a makeover. As part of their Save-A-Landmark campaign, Hampton Inns restored eccentric millionaire Stanley Marsh 3's roadside icon to its former glory.

Over the years, the ten Cadillacs comprising the work of art have been ravaged by the elements and covered over with years of ever-changing graffiti. Hampton Inns, which has been working to restore such landmarks along historic Route 66, painted the classic vehicles to the original yellow, blue and green hues that they sported when first buried back in 1974. The cars were also given new tires.

However, since it has become common practice to bring a can of spray paint when visiting the attraction and leave one's mark, the restoration is unlikely to last very long.