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As the Roadside Resort reported a few days ago, a gigantic piñata was constructed in downtown Philadelphia as part of an ad campaign organized by Carnival Cruise Lines. The 62-foot-tall burro, the centerpiece of a TV commercial being filmed for Carnival, was reportedly to be busted open with a wrecking ball, but the event was postponed due to a "technical difficulty."

According to new reports coming in, said difficulty was an objection by Philadelphia police who had fears, not of the danger of a wrecking ball swinging over a giant crowd of people, but of how that crowd of people would behave when the 4 tons of candy came flying out.

Philadelphia's National Public Radio affiliate WHYY reports that those who had gathered to witness the event became irate and started yelling obscenities at the extras hired to be in the commercial. Because the extras were dressed in business suits, the hysterical crowd mistakenly assumed they had something to do with organizing the event.

However, after a week's postponement, the piñata was finally opened yesterday in an exciting sugar rush of a climax. Unfortunately, the wrecking ball was nixed; the candy simply spilled from a remotely controlled trap door.