I just love this photo by Flickr contributor David Gallagher that captures the subtle shine reflected by a row of midcentury, commercial fiberglass chairs. Chairs like these are often overlooked, but I personally love their simple aesthetic. Plus, they're often surprisingly comfortable.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like we're surrounded by these slick little guys, yet when I try to think of the last time I actually sat in one, I can't remember exactly where it was. Stephen Coles over at the Mid-Century Modernist, however, seems to have figured out where the majority have gone to herd: the laundromat!

Coles has even determined the source of most of these wonderful old chairs as being furniture manufacturer Krueger Metal Products, who in 1967 became the world’s largest folding chair and table manufacturer. Plus, he points to a fantastic Flickr pool dedicated exclusively to laundromat chairs. You should certainly check it out.