Writing three installments for the Weird series of books has led me to dozens of unique and outrageous homes. Few, however, have made me utter as many excited expletives as the reconstruction of the entire MASH set in one man's backyard.

Known so far only as Kraw27, this ambitious visionary has even recreated the Swamp (Hawkeye's tent, if you're not familiar) in unbelievable detail, right down to the homemade still. According to his post at the HGTV website, it makes a great place to host poker night.

What's more, Kraw27 has also built a pretty awesome Indiana Jones-themed TV room.

I'm currently working on getting more information about the mysterious Kraw27. If anyone out there knows anything, please send me a note. With any luck, I'll be able to pay him a personal visit in the near future.

Update: Unfortunately, Kraw27's HGTV profile appears to have been deleted, so I was left with little to go on as far as his location. However, I just noticed last night that his city and state were still listed next to his username in the comments section: Orlando, Florida.

So, technically, I'm getting closer to tracking him down, but it's still going to take some work to home in on his exact location. If anyone out there has any information, please let me know!