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Rumor has it actor Russell Crowe, star of Gladiator and 3:10 to Yuma, has purchased the Arizona ghost town of Two Guns and plans to film his newest movie there.

Two Guns, located a few miles east of Flagstaff, remains one of the most intriguing sights I've yet to visit in my travels, both visually and historically. For decades, it's come and gone as a roadside attraction, dating back to the earliest days of Route 66, and has been the site of numerous gruesome deaths.

Now the site is due, it seems, for another resurgence in popularity. As reported over at Zimbio, Crowe recently purchased the site for $3 million and has begun plans to use it in a reimagining of Westworld, a 1973 science-fiction thriller. The film, the first directed by the late Michael Crichton, follows visitors of a historical theme park populated by lifelike robots that malfunction and go on a killing spree. ... Continued

Thanks to Greg Bond for the tip!