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Dublin Dr Pepper, the only version of the soft drink to have never switched formulas to incorporate high fructose corn syrup, has been lawyered out of existence.

The small-town Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company, located about 80 miles southwest of Fort Worth, Texas, has been producing the original formula, which uses Imperial Pure Cane Sugar rather than the cheaper sweeteners, since 1891. Folks, including myself, overwhelmingly insist their version tastes better than that available on regular store shelves.

As such, the quiet town of Dublin has enjoyed a great deal of tourism from those looking to buy the uniquely produced soda and to stop by the visitor-friendly bottling plant. The town even held an annual celebration and linked much of its identity with the drink. ... Continued

Esquire magazine has just announced their official endorsement for Dublin Dr Pepper, my personal choice for best soda ever and the only DP to have never succumbed to the pressure of using cheaper high-fructose corn syrup over genuine, pure cane sugar.

The concoction in question is available only from a small-town bottling plant in Dublin, Texas. You can purchase it directly from the bottler — where you can also get a tour of the crazy Laverne & Shirley bottling line while you're there — or at distributors lying within a 44-mile radius of the plant.

Those, such as myself, who've enjoyed the Dublin recipe say it's better than any DP you can get elsewhere, a sentiment that Esquire's Chris Jones seems to share, referring to it as "nature's perfect candy, plus fizz."

Of course, Jones also says it's probably not worth driving to West Texas just to taste it, but that's moot since Dublin, which lies only about 100 miles southwest of Dallas-Fort Worth, isn't considered anywhere near West Texas, anyway.