Tag: Holga D

The Holga, an inexpensive film camera introduced in the 1980s, has developed a somewhat cult following due the wonderfully unpredictable exposures resulting from its cheap construction. And now industrial designer Saikat Biswas would like to bring the little hobby camera into the digital age.

Biswas's design, which is just a concept for now, is beautifully simple, and aims to retain the inexpensive form factor that makes the original Holga, and similar "toy cameras," so popular. The lens remains plastic, the controls remain few and fully manual, and the overall construction is intended to be less than refined so as to retain the original's beloved distortions and ability to be easily modified.

And just to retain the surprise and delayed gratification that come with the original Holga's film format, Biswas has eliminated any preview screen, so you don't know what you've got till you download your photos later.