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The 1964 Cadillac hearse that carried the body of President John F. Kennedy after his assassination, mentioned in a post last week, sold over the weekend for $160,000. (Video below.)

The hearse was made famous when it transported the body of John F. Kennedy, and his wife Jacqueline, from Parkland Memorial Hospital to Dallas Love Field, where Air Force One was parked.

The vehicle's seller previously put the vehicle up for auction in 2007 with a reserve price of $1 million, but the bid reached only $900,000 before auction's end. Of course, that still would have been $740,000 more than what it earned on Saturday.

In retrospect, that makes it an absolute steal for Saturday's winning bidder, Stephen Tebo, who says he plans to display the hearse in a yet-to-be-built car museum along with 400 other vehicles he already owns. Tebo expects to open the museum in the Boulder, Colorado, area in about 10 years. ... Continued

I wouldn't say the method by which one reaches his destination is nearly as important as the destination itself, but there is something to be said for comfort and style. In that vein, I've compiled a handful of rides I've recently come across that, if nothing else, would catch the attention of fellow travelers.

The Magnificent

First up is one of the most jealousy-inflaming RVs I've come across in some time. Christened the Decoliner, it's a one-off, not-to-be-duplicated motorhome that embodies the showiest side of the art deco scene.

Designed and built by Randy Grubb and his Grants Pass, Oregon-based team of custom-car enthusiasts known as Blastolene, the Decoliner is a luxurious work of art with the coolest of features: a flybridge that allows you to drive from the rooftop. ... Continued

In 1981, President John F. Kennedy's alleged killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, was briefly exhumed for medical testing and reburied in a brand new coffin. The previous coffin, in which the infamous shooter's corpse lay for nearly 20 years, was saved and is now being put on the auction block.

The casket, a simple pine box, is being sold by the funeral home that handled Oswald's reinterment. They've apparently been in possession of the water-damaged enclosure since the accused assassin was dug up to settle a conspiracy theory that claimed a look-alike Russian agent was buried in Oswald's place.

Nate D. Sanders Auctions, the auction house in charge of the sale, reportedly expects to fetch $100,000 for the item.