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Well, look at all the ghosts and ghoulies we've got here! Aren't you adorable! And what are you supposed to be? A chupacabra! How clever! And it looks like we've even got La Llorona here, too! What a little sweetheart you are. Did your mommy help you with your costume?

Well, kids, let's fill those bags up with some holiday goodies ...

Halloween in the Time of Cholera

Steven Martin's passion is collecting antique opium-smoking paraphernalia. (No, go back and read that again; it's not Steve Martin.) He's even published a book on the subject. But for about the past 5 years, he's also been working on a collection of vintage Halloween photographs.

He's decided to share them with us this year and has been posting a new one to his Flickr set every day this month.

Halloween in the Time of Cholera

Ghosts in the Library

Last year, the official blog for the Encyclopaedia Brittanica (did you know there was one?) featured a list of haunted libraries across the U.S. and around the world. ... Continued