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On day 3 of my research trip for Weird Oklahoma, I encountered Geronimo's grave, saw a giant nuclear cannon and narrowly missed running into a poltergeist (or so I was told).


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Here's my video from day two of my first research trip for Weird Oklahoma, in which I explore some abandoned and purportedly haunted relics.

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It's been too long, I know, but I've finally gotten back around to working on the travel videos I have for so long been meaning to post.

First up: a re-edit of my first day on the road researching Weird Oklahoma. Enjoy!

It's been quite a while since the release of my last book, Weird Arizona, but the time has finally come. Weird Oklahoma is officially on the shelves!

Weeks on the road, months at the keyboard, hundreds of gallons of gas and nearly as much beer, and it's finally here. Head on over to the Souvenir Shop and find out all the bizarre stuff I've dug up across the Sooner State.

Stay tuned for excerpts, bonus photos and videos from my myriad research trips!

On my most a recent, and final, research trip to the Sooner State for my upcoming book, Weird Oklahoma, I traveled to the panhandle to visit the especially welcoming city of Hooker.

I'm always pleased to run across a town with a name that infects me with prurient giggles, but the fact that Hooker has embraced my sophomoric humor pleases me even more. They've turned fourth-grade humor into a booming tourist industry, hawking souvenirs covered in double entendres.

As a preview to Weird Oklahoma, I've posted my story of Hooker, Oklahoma, along with a collection of photos I took while I was there. Enjoy!