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A big thanks to all the Phoenix residents who stopped by to chat with me and grab a personalized copy of Weird Arizona on Saturday. I had a great time meeting everyone and hearing about your adventures.

Now, for those of you waiting to hear about the Prescott and Tucson dates, I've finally gotten confirmation. They are as follows:

Saturday, January 23
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Costco at 3911 Highway 69

Sunday, January 24
11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Costco at 6255 E. Grant Road

By the way, I'm told that if you don't have a Costco member's card, you can ask for a day pass.

Weird Arizona fans! I'm current in West Texas on my way to the Grand Canyon State to attend book signings for your favorite travel compendium!

I'll be in Phoenix on Saturday the 16th (that's this Saturday!) at Costco from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The address is 2450 E. Beardsley Road.

I will also be at Costco stores in Prescott and Tucson the following weekend, Saturday and Sunday, the 23rd and 24th, but which one occurs on which date has yet to be determined, so I'll let you know as soon as I do.

See you there!

You ever talk so much, your face gets tingly? You know, like a nice little facial buzz? Well, I don't know if it's all the talking I did over the last half hour or if it's the three cups of coffee I downed at 6:00 a.m. to wake myself up, but I've got that prickle in my cheeks like I've been making out with someone for the last 20 minutes and I've just come up for air.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. But I'm not all that disappointed. Fact is, I just got off the phone, having completed my first official interview for Weird Arizona! The promotion frenzy has begun.

And I'm happy to say that it's off to a good start. Had a nice long chat with Charles Goyette on Phoenix's KFNX, entertaining the capital's morning commuters with tales of ghosts, yoofos and roadside attractions. ... Continued

Sad news today. I was just informed that the publisher will not be sending me to the Grand Canyon State for the release of Weird Arizona.

To be honest, I never assumed they would, but I was hoping they might, at least for a few signings in the major cities. I was looking forward to the possibility of a fourth trip through the state so I could hit a few of the things I was unable to see on my previous drives, and then I could write about them for the Roadside Resort. Unfortunately, that won't happen, at least for the foreseeable future.

What's more, I won't be able to drop into Wickenburg to pick up a tiki like I'd planned.

You know you've made it to local quasi-celeb status when you're the subject of a car-dealership promotion.

Starting today, Teape (pronounced "tape") Subaru in Hurst and Arlington, Texas, will be offering a free copy of Weird Texas, signed by me, with the purchase of a vehicle. Really, what better way to break in your new car than by visiting Cadillac Ranch or the Beer Can House?

What's more — get this — between now and Sept. 4, you can enter to win a date with yours truly! (No purchase necessary.) OK, it's technically just dinner for two, plus me, so it's not really a date. But who knows? We'll see how things go.

Now then, who needs me to host some TV commercials for their discount electronics?

Went out to Aurora today. Aurora's the little town northwest of Fort Worth where legend says there's an extraterrestrial buried in the local cemetery. This probably makes my 12th visit in the last five years or so.

I'm not sure what keeps drawing me out there. It's not like they have a UFO museum or a flying-saucer parade or anything. There was an alien gift shop at one time, but it didn't last long. Now it's just an ATV repair shop painted in an unusually bright green.

Today, though, I had an excuse. TV's Mike Castellucci, otherwise known as News 8's Why Guy, invited me out to shoot a new intro for the package we shot back in October. He was kind enough to help me plug Weird Texas, so I figured I could spare a couple of hours to help him tape a quick transition for the story's second broadcast. He plans to include it as part of his upcoming "Why TV" special airing in a few weeks. ... Continued

I want to apologize to everyone who came to the book signing in Corpus Christi on Saturday. I was supposed to be there with my co-author Rob Riggs, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to make the trip. I'm embarrassed to have canceled, but thank you for coming out. Luckily, I was still able to make it to Houston, where Rob and I were greeted by a terrific crowd of fans. Thanks to all of you, as well. You made it worth driving through Houston.

For everyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, keep an eye on WB33. I shot a story Wednesday night with the lovely Sandra Hernandez about eerie sites in my neighborhood. We covered an infant cemetery, the legend of Screaming Bridge and two unusual tales centered on River Legacy Park, all located in Arlington.

I'd go into more detail, but I'm getting ready to head back west in a couple of days to gather more research for Weird Arizona. I hadn't originally planned to return so soon, but I've decided to collect as much material as I can before winter and hunker down the next couple of months with my laptop. Should make it back just in time for Thanksgiving.

No costume for me this year, unfortunately. I was thinking about going as Duff Man, but I just wasn't able to get my belt of beer cans ready in time.

I wouldn't have gotten a chance to wear it, anyway, as my co-author Rob Riggs and I were invited to the Texas Book Festival at the state capitol over the weekend. What an event this thing was! Seeing so many people excited about books — hell, seeing so many people who could read — raised my faith in society a couple of points.

We even held a panel discussing Weird Texas. Thank you to everyone who showed up, too! (Except maybe the smarmy little heckler in front.) No joke, people were actually standing along the walls and sitting in the aisles. Is this how one measures success? When people violate fire codes to see you fumble with PowerPoint? (And a special thank you to Your Company's Computer Guy who knowingly scoffed from the audience, "Just hit Ctrl-F!") ... Continued

Had my second book signing Saturday up in Denton. I have to say it was another great turnout! More good muffins, too. But I earned them this time by signing four 3-foot-tall stacks of Weird Texas before I left. Bad news, I guess, for the guy trying to sell one of my signed copies on Amazon.

I've also been hopping around the state taping a segment for Channel 8's Why Guy, Mike Castellucci. So far, we've hit the Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Stonehenge II out in Hunt and the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Texas, up near the border. The weather hasn't really been with us, but it made for a couple of interesting shots at Stonehenge II.

I haven't a clue what footage they'll be using from all of this, but hey, any excuse to put on my best Hawaiian shirt. Hell, they could've just told me they were buying me dinner at Austin's Chuy's and I would've made the trip. ... Continued

Another week, another summarization. Which brings up the most important point I'll probably raise in this entry: Why do we have words like "summarization"? "Summary" isn't long-winded enough? You don't know what kind of agony these things cause me.

Speaking of long-winded, I got a whole hour on the Glenn Mitchell radio show last week, live from the State Fair of Texas! I followed the guy who organizes the pig races. I'm not kidding.

I don’t mean to disparage the show, of course. It was actually one of the best interviews I've had so far. Plus, all my others were call-ins; this one had microphones and headsets and a guy adjusting little knobs and everything. Except for the yokels walking by with stuffed animals and food on sticks, it's what I would consider a real radio interview.

We had a lot of callers, too. It seems people really do enjoy the kind of stuff that went into Weird Texas. And here I thought I was the only one who loved giant fiberglass statues. ... Continued