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The auto-centric Jalopnik recently compiled its list of The Ten Craziest Concept Cars of All Time, which includes a couple of wonderful midcentury designs that sadly never made it into production.

Unfortunately, they squandered slot number 9 on the fictitious, though slightly Googie-esque, 1991 Powell Motors Homer, rather than awarding it to something like the 1958 Ford X-2000 with its Enterprise-like nacelles or the Ford Volante of the same year, with its triple ducted fans that powered intercity flight (both pictured here).

Still, they did recognize the atomic-powered Ford Nucleon (1958 was apparently a great year for Ford's design team), as well as Buckminster Fuller's unrealized 1933 Dymaxion. Have to give them credit for that.

I haven't had much time to update the site, being busy with Weird Oklahoma and all, but I thought I'd at least take the time to share a few things I've recently come across in my work-avoidance surfing.

First up, a man after my own heart. Steve Lodefink has discovered what he believes will replace the Altoids tin as the homebrew tinkerer's project box: the coconut.

"The shell is hard and durable, easily machined, has a pleasing organic texture which can be left hairy, sanded smooth, or anything in-between. The little brown dome of a half-shell is cute as a bug, bringing a smile to all who see it. The dome shape is extremely stable and tip resistant. I could go on all day."

For anyone who loves the look of tiki as I do, Steve's innovative implementation has opened a whole new chapter in retro design, which it appears he himself has termed "cocopunk." His inaugural project: an amplifier for a homebuilt electric ukelele. ... Continued