Google Digitizes Complete Issues Of Popular Science And Popular Mechanics

Technology geeks, especially those like me who are fascinated by retrofuturism, aren't going to be getting much done lately, seeing as Google has recently made available as part of its Google Book Search entire issues of Popular Mechanics dating back to 1905 Popular Science reaching all the way back to 1872!

And when I say entire issues, I mean every page in full color, including the ads (which can be quite fascinating in themselves). Plus, each issue appears to be searchable.

Pictured here are a few of my favorite covers, which tease enticing articles like "Making Movies in a Volcano" (April 1933) and "Rocket to the Moon — No Longer a Fascinating Dream" (May 1950).

Wrap those Christmas gifts now, because the rest of your vacation is going to be spent browsing these archives.

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Jan. 2, 2009 | 7:27 am
Anonymous Guest wrote:

What an amazing find this is.

Such a great treat to be able to click the cover, then have a Google map come up at the bottom.
Which then can help you locate stories about your area, including some ads
(even if they are for a piano lesson in Marshfield Wis)
May 1950 P.M

I will spend many hours, just having a look around. Thanks so much for pointing this out I have linked, hope it's ok.


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