Road Rig Roundup

I wouldn't say the method by which one reaches his destination is nearly as important as the destination itself, but there is something to be said for comfort and style. In that vein, I've compiled a handful of rides I've recently come across that, if nothing else, would catch the attention of fellow travelers.

The Magnificent

First up is one of the most jealousy-inflaming RVs I've come across in some time. Christened the Decoliner, it's a one-off, not-to-be-duplicated motorhome that embodies the showiest side of the art deco scene.

Designed and built by Randy Grubb and his Grants Pass, Oregon-based team of custom-car enthusiasts known as Blastolene, the Decoliner is a luxurious work of art with the coolest of features: a flybridge that allows you to drive from the rooftop.

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The Malformed

Not nearly as visually pleasing is the Relax Cabin from Japanese camper manufacturer Camp-Inn Japan. Honestly, I'm having a hard time coming up with similes for this thing; just have a look for yourself.

A modified 2012 Prius, the Relax Cabin ("code name Space Shuttle," for inexplicable reasons) reportedly sleeps four, but will draw the ridicule of countless others.

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The Macabre

Doubtful anyone would actually employ this particular model for casual road trips, but a hearse wouldn't be the worst idea for sleeping on the road. Besides, it would be a great conversation starter, seeing that it was the very automobile that carried the body of John F. Kennedy from Parkland Memorial Hospital back to Love Field after his assassination.

The 1964 Cadillac, which has changed hands only twice, is currently up for auction.

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