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If you live in the vicinity of Lake Erie and you're tired of the usual holiday outing to see yards full of wireframe deer covered in Christmas lights, you might think about heading into Cleveland for a different sort of yuletide day trip. Right near the junction of interstates 90, 71 and 490 lies the house Ralphie grew up in in the seasonal hit A Christmas Story, and it's open to the public!

Ultimate fan Brian Jones bought the house off eBay in 2004, fixed it up and opened it as part of A Christmas Story House and Museum. The house was restored to its appearance in the movie, including recreations of the interiors (which were actually shot on a soundstage in Canada). The museum, located directly across the street, has been stocked with props and costumes from the film. You can even fire a genuine Red Ryder BB gun at a target range in the backyard.

Unfortunately, the much-celebrated leg lamp is not included on the tour, as all three versions that were built for the movie were destroyed during filming. You can see a replica, however, and purchase one for your very own in the gift shop. ... Continued

I discovered today that the legendary Don Knotts has passed away. I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Knotts about six years ago at a book signing while I was working in the Los Angeles area. I'm saddened by his passing both because he was an American television icon and because he was a very friendly, warm-hearted man.

Also, in reading about the loss of Don Knotts, I discovered that the very funny Darren McGavin, probably most famous as the father in "A Christmas Story," also passed away. I mimic his excitement at uncrating his lamp every time I open a package marked FRAGILE.

"Ra-jee-lay ... Must be Italian!"

(And before anyone says it, I too once thought he said "Fra-gee-lay" with an F. But one day I realized what prompted his misunderstanding: on the crate, the stenciled F got cut off, resulting in RAGILE. Hence, his momentary and humorous confusion. I listened more closely and realized he was indeed saying "Ragilé!")