Tag: Kettle House

Kelly Laffey at ShelterPop has published a nifty little gallery showcasing 10 of the strangest examples of roadside architecture visible across the U.S.

Coming in at number 7 is one my favorites, the mysterious Kettle House in Galveston, Texas. Laffey kindly cited Weird Texas as her source of information for the strange, bowl-shaped abode, though she only credited my two esteemed co-authors, inexplicably leaving my name out. Which is odd, really, since I was the one wrote that chapter.

Am I bitter? Nah. 'Cause I know the secret behind the Kettle House ... and I'm not telling Kelly.

I just came across a mention that the remaining structures of Sea-Arama Marineworld, the long-defunct marine park in Galveston, Texas, were torn down in September-October. As I never got a chance to visit the remains up-close, I'm really disappointed to hear they're no longer standing.

I wrote about Sea-Arama for Weird Texas (p.271, where the title was inexplicably changed to Sea-Arama Marineland) after I discovered the park's ruins by accident while investigating the mysterious Kettle House (p.152). And when I found out what the unusual buildings were, I was informed by my parents that I had actually been there when it was open. I had visited with them back in the '70s, along with my grandparents and my older brother, when I was a baby.

Evidently, this was my first road trip, which of course makes Sea-Arama my first official roadside attraction. Since learning this, I've taken to researching the park's history and collecting old Sea-Arama souvenirs. Even though I don't remember the original trip, I've developed a special fondness for the place. ... Continued